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Sunglasses ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more cat eye sunglasses)


Omg.. Oh, how adorable. ♥

It’s finally time to get those sunglasses out! Barefoot are loving these round frame ones only £12 from asos.com! 

BareFoots Big ideas - Tried and Tested! 

A great way to save some money this summer and SO simple!!
recycle those jars.

Instead of chucking your jam jars away this winter keep hold of them, rinse them with hot water and go cocktail mad. This is a really fun and easy excuse to get your friends round and have a drink. Accessorize the jars with fun straws and garnish them with colourful fruits and create your favourite fruity recipes! This is so simple and so effective and SO hard to resist. 

DIY summer fun